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Sony Reader Digital Book Review – The Next Must Have Business Technology

Sony Reader Digital Book Review – The Next Must Have Business Technology

Sony Reader Digital Book Review – The Next Must Have Business Technology
Article by Dave Talbot

Sony Reader – The Next Must Have Business Technology

It ‘just had to happen one day and that was on the cards for some time, but the digital book has finally come true in the shoes of the Sony Reader Digital Book PRS505S.

Before the advent of digital books, audio books had taken the place of their own market by storm, but enough to become a billion dollar industry world wide.

While audio books are many positives but one of the downsides is that nothing can be compared even to sit quietly and read a book, but all that is about to change with the emergence of another technology …. The digital book.

Its interesting to see where this technology is going and what will become the main market place. On the one hand you have the book of fraternity that actually prefer the written word.

This market sector will be able to download “real books” and enjoy it as tradition, it would be, though perhaps until the question of how waterproof version arrives, it will probably be best to stick to traditional pocket for your beach holiday.

With living space becomes smaller and smaller which will now be able to have a great digital library that doesn ‘t need to be sitting at your computer to read that is a real advantage in my opinion.

But there is another market in which the digital book could have an impact and see huge sales and this is in the business market.

Every day sees the transfer and downloading of.PDF literally millions of people world wide and word documents. Very often a busy exec or professional will consider these at home on the laptop to read in a more relaxed atmosphere, or perhaps while commuting on a train where it is not always convenient to open your laptop or notebook.

After spending hours throughout the day as possible on a laptop or the last thing many want to do is spend even more time at a desk or a laptop sitting on his lap so the idea of a digital book reader will really appeal to utopian and very busy professional.

A digital book will make the search for knowledge and information much more relaxing as it can be done almost anywhere.

For example, if you ever tried to use a laptop out side or in the garden, perhaps you will probably given up on a sunny day like a laptop screen can be almost unreadable

Well technology always seems prevail and this fact has been a real problem in the past and has not gone unnoticed, of course, the Sony Reader Digital Book, for example, uses a new technology called E Ink technology to overcome this traditional problem.

In practice, this new display technology that allows text to be displayed almost like the book and the resulting page can be read in direct sunlight, which is a big advantage. Similarly, the page can be viewed wide-angle than having to be read on his face.

In addition to making the text readable in bright sunlight the display is also very comfortable on the eyes making the reading experience much more enjoyable than reading a standard screen.

Very often the battery life for portable devices can be a real problem as well, but another advantage of the new display technology has is that once the image is displayed no power is needed to maintain it.

This gives outstanding longevity Sony Reader and all accounts the reader will be able to display about 7000 pages between the taxes that is absolutely incredible.

With the ‘ability to read multiple formats, to keep more than 150 books, and to be compact and lightweight Sony has a real winner on their hands here and I can predict that this will be a must-have productivity tool for any professional committed by the CEO to the sales team.
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