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Purchasing Ebooks in a Digital Goods Site

Purchasing Ebooks in a Digital Goods Site

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Purchasing Ebooks in a Digital Goods Site

Article by Jeff D McQueen

Digital goods” is a generic term used for products that are available in electronic format. Examples of digital goods are ebooks, softwares, music files, and images. In electronic commerce, the purchase is made online. Usually, once payment is received by the merchant, either he sends the digital product to the customer as an email attachment or he sends a secure link to the customer where the digital product will be downloaded. A digital goods site solely dedicated for ebooks is not an unusual thing in the internet with what the huge number of ebook readers worldwide.A digital goods site for ebooks is like an online bookstore with digital books for sale. These digital bookstores offer a wide array of ebooks ranging from different categories. A certain digital bookstore site has classified its ebooks into Academic ebooks and Popular ebooks. The site also features a search box where ebooks could be looked up according to keyword or title or author and according to category. There also are listings of current best-selling ebooks and most popular subjects. There also are digital goods sites that features free online reading without downloading anything.Some digital goods site for ebooks features an FAQ corner with helpful information useful to ebook lovers and enthusiasts alike. The site also features a tutorial for first-time visitors on how to use the site effectively. The digital bookstore requires its customers to login before buying and before they can receive email alerts. For ebook purchases, usually four major credit cards are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Diners Club. Some sites also have ebook gift certificates available, a perfect gift for ebook lovers.Ebooks are sold in different formats depending on the customer’s choice. A digital goods site for ebooks will have an online catalogue of its books. When one finds a title that has caught his interest but is not yet sure about buying it, he may add the ebook to the “Wishlist” while items that will be purchased are added to the “Shopping Cart”. It takes a single click to transfer an item from the “Wishlist” to the “Shopping Cart”.When one chooses to “Buy ebook” from the digital goods site, the item is automatically added to the shopping cart and the customer will be made to choose the ebook’s format. Once the customer decides to “Checkout” the ebooks, he has to either login or sign up for an account. Once logged in, the buyer’s credit card details will be asked for among some other fields to fill out. Once done filling out the necessary information, click “Process Order” and the purchase is made. Instructions for downloading will be sent to the customer’s email address within a few minutes.

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