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Rewarding Your Affiliates INSTANTLY Exponentially Explodes Your Online Sales… Reward Your Affiliates Instantly And Create An Unrelenting Army Of Happy Affiliates Selling Your Products Non-Stop …And Making You Tons Of Money All Hands Off! It’s been proven many times over. Rewarding your affiliates INSTANTLY for every sale they make literally drives them on an ecstatic [...]

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Rewarding Your Affiliates INSTANTLY Exponentially Explodes Your Online Sales… Reward Your Affiliates Instantly And Create An Unrelenting Army Of Happy Affiliates Selling Your Products Non-Stop …And Making You Tons Of Money All Hands Off! It’s been proven many times over. Rewarding your affiliates INSTANTLY for every sale they make literally drives them on an ecstatic edge – into a promotion frenzy selling your products non-stop. And tirelessly recruiting for you affiliates who are just keen on unrelentlessly selling your products like mad. The result is an exponential explosion of sales that is likely to sustain itself for as long as your product/service stays on demand in the market. Now finally you have a product that fulfills this and a lot more. Affiliate Split-Pay Manager Pays Your Affiliates Instantly. It Supports Any Number Of Products Affiliate Split-Pay Manager Have you ever been fed up by having to wait for your affiliate commissions for weeks, sometimes months after you made the sales? Have you ever had to even request for commissions owed to you, probably weeks or even months after you made the sales? Have you ever had to enquire why your affiliate commissions were less than what you had expected? Have you ever promoted a seemingly hot product, but for some reason you never seemed to be making the sales no matter how much you marketed? Do you sell your own products or services, and seem to always be tied down ‘nursing’ your affiliate program and commissions? Do you sell your own products or services, and seem to be losing the momentum on your program with dwindling sales because your affiliates are simply not promoting any more? Do you sell your own products or services, but you do not offer any commissions for sales referred to you by affiliates? Do you offer any products or services, and need to drive up your sales? If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then you need Affiliate Split-Pay Manager to rev up your sales and create an unrelenting army of happy affiliates who promote your products non-stop like crazy. Affiliate Split-Pay Manager is not just an affiliate program; it is an Instant Affiliate Payment and Affiliate Recruitment System designed to work with ANY business selling affiliate products or services. If you were presented with 2 hot affiliate programs, one paying to 50% instant Split-Pay Commissions, the other paying you 50% commissions payable within 4 weeks, which one would you choose? You betcha, the one offering 50% instant Split-Pay Commissions Instant Split-Pay Manager was specifically designed with the needs of internet marketers in mind. It caters for any product or service that employs affiliate input – downloadable or memberships. Affiliate Split-Pay Manager Offers a Unique Follow-up Cross-Prospecting Technology Numerous studies have shown that a customer who buys a product from you is most likely to buy from you AGAIN. Affiliate Split-Pay Manager offers the ability to send unlimited follow-up emails for EACH product that you have. Further, these follow-up messages are sent around the same time that they bought the product – when they are most likely to be online. After all, you don’t want to send your messages along with hundreds of others that just get deleted en masse! This allows you to thank your customer in a follow-up email, and opens up the possibility that you can market your other products that you sell to them! Strategic Cross-Prospecting is one of the most powerful and successful marketing techniques anywhere Here’s a brief run-through of the features that make Affiliate Split-Pay Manager unique: JV Firesale Automator Tick Completely Template Based JV Firesale Automator ArrowNo complicated code to edit JV Firesale Automator ArrowJust paste your HTML file from admin panel and each sales letter can have its own individual look! JV Firesale Automator ArrowEdit all emails on your browser from admin area You can run a successful ‘affiliate’ program even if you’re a newbie JV Firesale Automator Tick Supports Unlimited Number of Products JV Firesale Automator ArrowYou can sell unlimited number of products No need to install on multiple servers! JV Firesale Automator Tick PayPal / StormPay IPN JV Firesale Automator ArrowJust enter your PayPal/StormPay emails and the program does the rest JV Firesale Automator ArrowIf customer does not have PayPal or StormPay, the buttons will not appear on their affiliate page. JV Firesale Automator Tick Choose Who Is Paid First JV Firesale Automator ArrowSet % commissions for each product JV Firesale Automator ArrowChoose who is paid first – you or the affiliate Tip: Paying your JV Partners first will skyrocket your sales! If you make them happy, they make you money! Everyone gets paid INSTANTLY. No headaches of spending hours checking who was not paid JV Firesale Automator Tick Intelligent Cross-Prospecting Follow-Up Emails JV Firesale Automator ArrowUnlimited number of follow-up emails for each product JV Firesale Automator ArrowFollow-up emails sent at the same time that they purchased the product! Invaluable in enticing your customers to buy your other products! JV Firesale Automator Tick Choose If To Allocate Affiliate Rights After Customer Buys Product! JV Firesale Automator ArrowFor each product choose if customer must buy the product to get an affiliate link! JV Firesale Automator ArrowIntelligent fraud detection system to prevent cheating on affiliate commissions, e.g. customer cannot order from their own affiliate link JV Firesale Automator Tick Personalized Marketing Emails And Banners JV Firesale Automator ArrowSubmit marketing emails and banners from admin panel – they are personalized for each affiliate JV Firesale Automator Tick Mass Email Feature JV Firesale Automator ArrowSend personalized email to each customer in the whole database JV Firesale Automator ArrowSend personalized email to a single customer JV Firesale Automator Tick Detailed Sales/Affiliate Stats JV Firesale Automator ArrowBoth admin and customers have detailed Sales/Affiliate Stats These features barely touch the surface of the power of this software. Once you put it into action to work for you, you’re are most likely to notice an a big buzz about your products or services. The best part is it’s extremely easy to use. Even though we have put in so much time, money and research in developing this software we are committed to availing it to internet marketers at the best bargain you can ever find for such a complete solution. No other software on the market gets anywhere close to what Affiliate Split-Pay Manager does. 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